Q. Is this hair human?

A. YES! We provide 100% virgin quality hair.

Q. Can I bleach this hair?

A. Yes! Our extensions are 100% virgin hair and can take colour. We advise you go to a professional for any chemical applications.

Q. Does this hair shed?

A. Once hair is manufactured and stitched to a weft, you will experience some shedding but it is to a minimal. There will never be a drastic change in density of your extensions due to excessive shedding.

Q. Can I cut my wefts?

A. Yes. Our extensions are double stitched by machine so they will not unravel. However we do not suggest you cutting your weft.

Q. How much hair do I need?

A. For lengths 14-16’inches we suggest you use 2 bundles or more, lengths 18-24’ 3 bundles or more for lengths 26-30” 4 bundles or more and 30’ + you will need a minimal of 5 bundles or more.

Q. How do I maintain my hair?

A. Wrap your extensions up at night followed up with pairing our SPB bonnet to safely secure your extensions from creating friction with your pillow.

Q. Could I go in water with this hair?

A. YES! We suggest either braiding or twisting your extensions before proceeding to do so.

Q. Will these extensions blend with my natural hair?

A. Yes, as our extensions are of an ethnic background it will blend well with Afro-Canadian, Caribbean and American hair.

Q. How do I maintain my hair?

A. Treat your extensions like you would your own hair. Wash your bundles using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner at least once a week. Follow up with deep conditioning and try to avoid excessive heavy oils.

Q. How often should I comb my hair?

A. Daily. Doing so by combing or brushing your hair from ends to weft will increase the longevity of your extensions. Tools recommended are large tooth combs, paddle brushes or a denman brush. Using a small tooth comb can snag the hair and cause shedding.

Q. How do I maintain my wavy or curly hair?

A. Hydration is a must! Treat your extensions as if they were growing out of your scalp. Detangling your hair from end to weft followed up by deep conditioning will restore its natural curl pattern. We suggest distributing the product evenly and washing in a downward motion and allowing your hair to air dry 100% before using any hot tools.

Q. How long does this hair last?

A. The more care you put into your hair the longer it will last. 6 months to a year with good care!

Q. What is so good about virgin hair?

A. Our virgin hair is unprocessed meaning it is free of colours and chemicals making them easier to style and maintain on a day to day basis. Every person deserves to look and feel pretty and by following these simple steps you can increase the longevity in your extensions making sure you slay the pretty way.